How to Sell on Instagram with Instagram Shopping

If you have products to sell online and you don't have an instagram shop than you're making a huge mistake instagram has over one million active users and they are ready to shop according to a study about half of all instagram accounts use the app to shop every single week and eighty one percent of people said they use instagram to research products before. Buying so selling on instagram as an ecommerce business is an absolute non negotiable don't make the mistake of building your business on an island to increase sales you need to constantly build bridges that allow potential customers to easily discover your products that's why into these video I'm going to show you what an instagram shop is why. It's a huge growth lever for your business and how to set up instagram shopping and make sure you stick around till the end because I'm also going to share some of the best ways you can use it's features so you can supercharge yourself if you like this content stick around and subscribe we're releasing new videos every single week and are always looking for new. Ways to help your business thrive. First of all what his instagram shopping well instagram shops think all of the products that you have in your shop of I store directly into your instagram account this allows your customers to click on a shopping icon on your posts are your stories to buy your products directly from instagram customers can view your. Entire product catalog without needing to leave their favorite social app this makes for a much smoother experience for your customers and we all know that less friction during the buying process equals more fail on top of this using instagram shopping makes it way easier on you as a business owner because you can simply use shop of I tutor. Track and manager orders from multiple sales channels all in one place you can even use shop of I to expand into new audiences by running instagram ads and when it comes to setting up instagram shopping on shop if I could not be more simple just connect your online store to the face book sales channel and all your top of five products will automatically. These think into instagram this makes creating ads and trouble post a breeze. Before you do this you'll need to make sure you've set up a facebook business page and half products in your face but catalog. So first things first make sure that your personal account is converted to an instagram business account and make sure that your business cells physical goods that comply with instagram commerce policy then you need to connect your instagram account to a catalogue start by logging into your matter commerce manager once you're in commerce manager click add a catalog. Then choose the catalogue tape you'd like to create if you're an online retailer you're going to want to create an ecommerce catalog then you need to upload your inventory if you're selling a small amount of products you can manually upload this product information to your catalog or as I mentioned you can connect a partner platform like shop fight to automatically import all your. Right up from there any to use the following steps number one from your shop if I admin click facebook under the sales channels in the left menu bar number two clicks that up to start in the instagram shopping section sept three connects the required facebook accounts to the face of sales channel. And set for review and accept the terms and conditions then click request approval. It does take twenty four to forty eight hours for facebook to review your products but then boom you can start selling on instagram now let's go over the best tools that instagram shopping offers which will help you promote your product on the app the first is sha bubble post these are just what they sound like once you've think up your online store with in sir. Graham you can tag your products in any post on your feet this makes it super easy for customers to click through directly from any post and shop and is a great way to make use of any user generated content but more on that later products stickers similar to szabo posts products stickers let you tiger products in your. Instagram stories and since there are over five hundred million story of use every single day and growing this is a great way to feature your product again in a way that is very clickable and engaging for your customers if you've set up instagram shopping and added in some products your profile will automatically have a very handy view shop option. That features all your thing to products and kenny of the post that mention them this is a very useful one stop shop for customers to see everything you offer all in one place creating your products into collections is an awesome way to make it easier for your customers to shop think of it like creating different product categories on your website for people to browse through but. You can now do that on instagram to just note that as a business account you will have to create the collection on facebook commerce manager first then enable instagram check out in order to add it to your profile last but not least the built in check out that instagram offers helps you unlock even more features like live shopping for live streams or the pro. Edit launch feature which lets you build hype for your products using countdowns and reminders and if you're using shop of I it's pretty simple as that of the facebook channel in order to think up your products and enable shop pay directly through your instagram check out which offers a really smooth and seamless process that is very easy to use for customers unfortunate. Leave this option is only available to american accounts as of this recording but fingers crossed bill expand eligibility sometimes it by the way if you want even more info on how to grow your instagram account and increased traffic to your online store register using the link below to gain access to a free online course that will help you level up your marketing by. Changing the way you think about your stores marketing funnel learn how to go from first day to first sale in this free training course be sure to click link in our description box below to sign up and get the training sent directly to you okay so once you're set up with your instagram shop and you have all of those awesome tools available to you here are some of my. Top tips to help you make the most of this platform number one use product tags as I mentioned before the product tagging feature is one of the be best ways to increase click through to your products and your store not only can you tiger feed opposed just like you tag other accounts but you can now mention clickable products in your caption. And ad product tags to your stories and you're real not only is this super helpful for customers to be able to shop your products but tagging also helps you get discovered in the first place instagram shopped have is carried it based on an algorithm meaning that you are tagged products can be shown to people who have never heard of you before just because they've shown. Interest in similar products in the past in many ways this is a win win because you get to reach new people and customers get introduced to products that they're pretty likely to love but typically only tagged products will get featured on this top so it's a really good idea to incorporate product tagging into your regular social media marketing earlier. This year instagram also made the very exciting announcement that soon customers will be able to tag any product in their own post from any brand currently you can only tag your own products when posting but just think of how awesome it will be when you're loyal customers can tag your products and spread the love for you so it's worth it to therapy your account properly. The now that you're all prepped and ready to go once this feature rolls out number to create shopper will act setting up instagram shopping lets you take your adds to the next level which is what you want if you're going to be investing money into your marketing using shop of will add instead of regular one means that customers can click through to product tag. And shop directly from the post if you're in the us you can even run ads with instagram check out which means that customers won't even have to go to your website of the the product they could just check out directly through the app these ads can use one image or awful carousel or even video content to promote your product and they're usually shown in a customers for. Feed or on their explore page now if you're going to be paying for your products to be shown to new customers you're going to want to make the process as easy as possible for those customers to click through learn more and eventually purchase your product shabelle ads are at the perfect way to do exactly that number three partner with influencers. As I mentioned before instagram is planning to release product tagging to everyone sometime soon but for now the only way for other accounts to tag your products is to set up shopping from creators and partner with influencers to share your stop again this feature is unfortunately only offered to us based it counts right now that will hopefully be available wow. Worldwide very soon once you set up your instagram shopping account and added in all your products you can head over to your settings to find creators to list as approved account this means that your products can be shared by those influencers and you'll get access to analytics for each of their posts to see which content is performing the best influence or marketing is obviously. A huge industry right now and customers would really love to shop through accounts that they already know and trust of course in order to do this you'll need to establish relationships with influencers in your nice which is easier said than done but we do have a great video about launching an influencer marketing campaign if you're interested in learning more about how to leverage the strategy. He will link it down below now as I mentioned before at the time of recording this video lab shopping is only available to us based accounts but we have seen from instagram track record that they typically use the american market to test out all their new features before eventually ruling them out internationally so I think it's really worth paying it. And to what their piloting now and knowing that it will be available more broadly in the future but simply live shopping is exactly what it sounds like this allows creators to tag and share specific products while they're doing and instagram livestream this opens up so many possibilities for brands because you're able to not only showcase your product. Oh but you can also simultaneously answer your customers questions in the moments you can create custom offers and discounts and of course you have that feature to link directly to the product throughout the street if you showcase a product on the live in this way customers just click add to bag and the process is completely seamless from their user. Instagram check out I can see this being a huge advantage in so many industries for example think of beauty brands that could do a whole get ready with me video while linking to specific products as they go or a dog trainer who is showing you how to train a trick while featuring specific treat and toys we already know that the live format is really. Engaging and fine for customers so this feature just takes it to the next level we love user generated content around here it is such an awesome way to both thank your customers for sharing their products by featuring their photos and for you to build trust with new customers when they see yourself being shared organically by loyal fans and. The best part is that thanks to instagram shopping you can now make this content shop herbal using the product tagging feature that I mentioned before obviously it takes time and tracks and for customers to start sharing photos of your products in action organically but you can encourage them to do so by making user generated content an important part of. Your marketing strategy and regularly sharing photos and testimonials from real customers a your feet another great way to do this is to create a specific branded hashtag that customers can use to connect with your community the clothing brand free label does this really well with their hashtag hashtag my free label it's or. A lot of purposes customers have a place to share their love for the product prospective buyers get to see some social proof from real customers and then the brand can share some of the photos to promote their products more widely whether we're talking about feed posts are real there has never been a better time to start integrating video into your ongoing. Content creation is specially for ecommerce brands one study showed that after watching a video featuring a product sixty four percent of social media users said they were more likely to purchase that product so this is really worth paying attention to and investing in for your own business the good news is that apps like instagram and. Tick tock have made the process of creating catchy videos easier than ever before you can do it street from your phone and upload directly to the app and since instagram in particular is really trying to encourage users to make more videos right now video content is currently getting a lot of reach and engagement with in their algorithm for products based business. Is especially video is an awesome way to show your products in action if you sell clothing you could use video to show what all your dresses look like on different body types or if you sell high quality kitchen tools you can make a recipe that showcases why or vegetable peeler are still good seeing a product in action makes it way more engaging the. Customers which hopefully means way more fails for you one of the huge advantages of using a platform like instagram shopping to drive sales is that your customers are already used to using the app tooth and yams or leave comments or engage with stories this gives you a huge advantage because it makes it way easier to answer their question. Ends or address any hesitations about your product and ultimately this helps you provide better customer support if anything goes wrong instagram quick replies feature is incredibly useful if you're getting the same questions repeatedly or just have too many demons for you to handle alone quick replies are basically like canned responses that you can enjoy. Or into the message thread seamlessly anytime you get a really common question this saves you a ton of time and means that your content and your tone will always be consistent when you write these responses in advance there's not going to be any risk of typing in a link wrong or forgetting to mention a specific detail or you can take it to a whole other level. With automated replies using a tool like many chat this is a simple chat bot that you can program with specific answers based on a customer's keywords election this is obviously less personalized than sending a message yourself but it can be an easy way to address common concerns if you're overwhelmed by question in any case if you're using instruct. Am shopping as a core sales channel in your business then it's a really good idea to invest in building some customer support right into the way that you and your customers use the app and there you have it some easy ways to invest in instagram shopping if that's the right fails channel strategy for your business now instagram is really interested in building our. It's ecommerce features so stay tuned because there will probably be many more awesome tools available to business owners in the coming months and years and if you know how to take advantage of them that could mean big boost your sales and more benefits for your customers and this my go without saying but in order to use any of these awesome instagram shopping features that I've been taught. Talking about today you will need to have an ecommerce stores that up that integrates directly with your instagram profile if you don't have one yet you're going to want to come check out chopper five I can't think of another ecommerce platform that integrates as smoothly with facebook and instagram while also offering such a beautiful and powerful online store for customers. Shop but you don't have to take my word for it because shop of I offers a fourteen day free trial for you to come check out all the features for yourself and set up your store just the way you like it clicked the link in our description box below to access your free trial and get started on building your own ecommerce store today okay so hopefully by now you have some good inspiration for. Starting to build out your instagram shop and now understand how to use it to reach new customers if you do have any questions about the best way to set up your store or how to promote your products make sure to check out our other videos on instagram marketing here on the channel or just drop your questions in the comments section below that we can get back to you and help you out. Our goal here on his channel is always to support you to either start or grow your online business because we really believe that ecommerce is for everyone so if you like this content stick around and subscribe are releasing new videos every single week and are always looking for new ways to help your business drive so until next time I'm seventy pellet I want to. Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you and the next one.